A Consultation between Representative of Thailand to the AICHR and Representatives from CSOs on ‘the Draft Guidelines of the AICHR’s Relations with CSOs’

A consultation between H.E. Dr. Seree Nonthasoot, Thailand Representative to the AICHR, and representatives from CSOs on ‘the Draft guidelines of the AICHR’s relations with CSOs’ was held on Monday 23 September 2013 at the Institute of Research and Development for Public Enterprises in Bangkok, Thailand. Participants of this consultation included representatives from CSOs in a field of human rights and Dr. Sriprapha Petcharamesree, the first Thailand Representative to and the first chairperson of the AICHR.

Thailand Representatives to the AICHR have been responsible for the drafting of the guidelines on the AICHR’s Relations with CSOs. The purpose of the consultation was to receive inputs from CSOs on the draft guidelines of the AICHR’s relations with CSOs, which was initially drafted by Dr. Sriprapha. The meeting agreed that there were some matters contained in the draft guidelines that should be amended in order to further promote CSOs’ participation in the work of the AICHR. The current Thailand Representative to the AICHR will revise the draft guidelines based on all inputs from the consultation and then will propose the revised draft to the next AICHR’s meeting to be held in November in Manila, the Philippines.

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